Technical documentation on the database, primary user and secondary user can be found on this page.


The database provides packet data to both the primary and seconder user. It also accepts the received packets to calculate the metric. This information about the primary user metric is also available to the secondary user through the database.
More information can be found here: Spectrum challenge: Contestant database interface

Primary user

Contestants who want to test their implementation have two options. They can either buy an NI USRP RIO[1] and download the LavVIEW PU code (available upon request) or they can buy off the shelf dongle[2] and download our custom challenge firmware.
The primary user has an IEEE 802.15.4-compliant physical layer (2.4GHz, DSSS). This user hops randomly between all available channels. The random distribution is not known in advance. The primary user can also occupy more than one channel at a time.
More information on the LabVIEW PU is available here.
More information on the OTS PU can be found here.

Secondary user

The secondary user is a fully custom solution provided by the contestants. The only constraints are:
·      20MHz bandwidth
·      2 antennas at both sides
·      2.4GHz ISM band