Frequently asked questions

  1. Which modulation does the primary user use?
​The primary user follows the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It uses an OQPSK DSSS physical layer.
  1. Which frequency will be used?
A 20 MHz band in the 2.4GHz ISM band will be used. This 20MHz band will be divided into four 5MHz channels.
  1. Which time- and frequency slots does the primary user occupy?
The primary user randomly jumps between all available channels. The statistics of these random jumps will not be made public as this is something the contestants need to learn during the learn phase. The primary user can also occupy more than one channel at a time (e.g PU can transmit on channel-1 and channel-3 at the same time and then may randomly change the channel occupancy pattern).
  1. Which time- and frequency slots can the secondary user use?
The secondary user is free to use all available spectrum (20MHz) and during all timeslots. However interference to the primary user will be penalized.