Visa information

Visa information for visiting Sweden

In general, access for international participants to conventions in Sweden is not a problem. However, if you wish to visit Sweden for business or to attend a conference and are a citizen of a country outside the EU, you will in most cases need a visa. As of 5 April 2010, the EU´s Visa Code applies as law in Sweden. Through the Visa Code, the provisions on visas for a period shorter than three months are brought together in one EU Regulation. The Visa Code applies to all Schengen countries. A visa granted by any one of these countries is also valid for visits to the others. In exceptional cases — for example, if the holder's passport is not approved by all Schengen countries — the visa may only be valid for entry into the issuing country or only for certain countries. Further information For further information and how to apply, please see the Swedish Migration Board’s website,

Source: Stockholm Migration Board, January 2014

A list of the countries whose nationals are required to get a visa for Sweden can be found here:


Visa Assistance Letters

The IEEE Communications Society can provide a VISA assistance letter to you after you register for your conference. 

Authors of the Main Conference and Workshops

  • Authors needing VISA assistance letters can download them from EDAS.

  • Log into EDAS site, and find your paper.

  • Toward the bottom of the page, you will find in the properties column the words "visa letter", and beside it, an image of an envelope outlined in yellow.

  • Click on this envelope, and you will be able to confirm or change your address information reflected in the letter.

  • Then the system will generate the letter for your use.

  • If you have any problems, please click the help tab in the EDAS system.

  • Authors need to indicate in EDAS that they are "presenters" in order to access the VISA assistance letters.   

  • If you need a hard copy letter sent to you, please complete the form at, there is a $25 USD mailing fee for hard copy requests.

Everyone Else

  • Register for the conference with payment.

  • Complete the form at, You will need to send a copy of your registration confirmation email with the form, (or if you are the author of a paper accepted for DYSPAN  2015, a copy of the acceptance letter.)

  • There is a $25 USD mailing fee for hard copy requests.