Student travel grant info

IEEE DySPAN 2015 student travel fund

We are pleased to announce that the DySPAN 2015 student travel fund has been awarded from IEEE Communications. The application is now open. Please apply through:  The funding is available for international students who are IEEE Communications Society (student) members. The application deadline is September 4, 2015. The first round of selection will be announced a few days after the deadline. We look forward to your applications. Good Luck!

NSF Student travel grants

IEEE DySPAN 2015 is pleased to announce support from NSF for student travel grants to attend the conference from September 29 – October 2, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden.  
Travel Grant Application:
Applications are invited from full-time students attending U.S. based colleges and universities.  Student applications should contain:
  1. A letter from the student including a brief summary of research interests and accomplishments to date, a description of areas reflected in the IEEE DySPAN 2015 program that would impact the student’s research, whether or not the student has a paper or poster accepted for IEEE DySPAN 2015, and, if so, the paper or poster’s title and whether the student will present at IEEE DySPAN 2015, and a statement about why the conference attendance is important to the student.
  2. The student’s curriculum vitae
In addition, each student should ask their advisor to email a letter of recommendation that includes the following:
  • Confirmation that the student is a bona-fide graduate student in good standing at an accredited institution in the United States 
  • A description of how the student’s research interests match the DySPAN program material
  • A description of how the student would benefit from attendance at DySPAN, and the strengths and potential contributions of the student.  
  • Statements regarding availability (or lack thereof) of travel funds for the student from NSF or other funding sources and a plan for how the student can get support to cover expenses beyond the travel grant.
Applications and advisor recommendations should be emailed to by September 12, 2015.
Selection Criteria
A goal of the travel grant program is to encourage participation in IEEE DySPAN 2015 by students that would normally find it difficult to attend. Priority will be given to students who have papers or posters accepted to the conference but do not possess the necessary financial means to attend and present, and non-author students who have not published yet or who have never been to a conference before.  In addition, the committee will consider evidence of research or serious interest in DSA networks and related policy areas and the goal of supporting promising students from underrepresented groups.
Grant Requirements/Restrictions
  • The full application package (by the student and the advisor) must be received by September 12, 2015.  The application package should be emailed to
  • Student travel grants are meant to partially cover the cost of attending DySPAN 2015.  The only travel expenses that can be reimbursed are conference registration, airfare and accommodation.
  • These NSF sponsored grants are available only for full-time students attending US colleges and universities (not necessarily US citizens or permanent residents)
  • Recipients of NSF travel awards must use US flag carriers in order to be reimbursed for airfare
Questions? Please contact